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Cat Hutchings

Hi! My name is Cat! I'm the owner and product designer here at SpotLight Jewelry. Over 5 years ago while I was working on my broadcast journalism degree at BYU-Idaho, I discovered a fascination with recycled paper and the endless possibilities of creations that could blossom out of such a simple, eco friendly material. That was the seed that started SpotLight Jewelry. After graduating with my BA, I began experimenting with recycled paper butterflies and working on a hand step sealant process that allowed me to transform beautifully dyed recycled butterflies into unique 3D jewelry designs. What started out as a tiny paper butterfly fascination has grown into a wonder filled fashion hub deeply planted in the believe that no matter our age, or how busy our schedules may be, we all need a little Life, Beauty, Enchantment and Wonder sprinkled throughout our days.

My designs are awakened through rich textures, colors, themes and unique materials. Each item is hand crafted to reveal your own individual and inspiring perspective. I offer my creations in numerous colors, styles and materials so you're sure to find the perfect piece. From paper butterfly jewelry and bohemian crystals to mermaid charms and stylized steampunk collections, I design it all. My assistant Cindy is now my right hand woman and I couldn't do this without her. Be sure to check back often as envisioning new creations is my passion and I am constantly adding new treasures to the ever growing SpotLight Jewelry collection.

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